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Vietnam sports betting is seen as too restrictive to make business sense

Vietnam is considering further steps to open up its sports betting market, though industry insiders say it’s still unlikely to be enough to attract investors.?

PAGCOR casino sale not seen viable as fundraiser

The Philippines Government is seeking to extract as much revenue as possible from its gaming industry, but selling off PAGCOR casinos is not seen as a viable option.

NUSTAR, Cebu’s first IR, on track to open in March, 2022

NuStar Resort & Casino will be the first IR on Cebu, when it opens in March next year, marking a milestone in tourism and gambling development.



Asia Gaming Briefings – September 2021 Edition

With major sporting events set to resume their Autumn schedules and fresh off the back of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, our focus section in this September edition of Asia Gaming Briefings is on the sports betting world.
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